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Forum Ranks and Usergroups

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<15 Posts (means: less than 15 Posts) - NEWBIE
<30 Posts - ASSOCIATE
<60 Posts - SOLDIER
<100 Posts - Y.G. (Young Gangster)
<200 Posts - SHOTCALLER
<350 Posts - THUG
<500 Posts - PIMP
<1000 Posts - O.G. (Original Gangster)
<1500 Posts - CAPO
<2000 Posts - DOUBLE O.G.
<3000 Posts - MASTER
<5000 Posts - EARL
>5000 Posts (means: more than 5000 Posts) - LIVING LEGEND


98AS3qJ.png - Regular member

2dvofeq.png Part of the Black Revenge Family

2jg84kl.png Part of the [GPB] Clan

6fv58y.png Donator/V.I.P Member  (Click here to donate)

wRAzFjd.png Trial Moderator

whgX9WH.png Moderator 

8yGpwNZ.png General Administrator

AiHrqRS.png Head Administrator

qTKMbUl.png Lead Administrator

8b83Yhs.png Server Manager

ASoPDOO.png Co Owner

NYQrFkI.png Founder/Developer

NOTE: Do not violate the rules to get to any of these ranks.

Images by: Puppet & Faqahat
Edited & Updated by: Blacky

LAST UPDATE: 05/05/20

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